Telehealth Services: What Is It and When Should I Use It?

Imagine having the best medical care in your pocket. With telehealth services, you now have your doctor and other medical professionals on speed dial. 

Over the last decade, telehealth has made a huge impact on the health care industry. Millions of people opt for telehealth services instead of traditional doctor visits every year, and you can, too. Dr. Raul Lopez and his team at West Texas Pain Institute are proud to add telehealth to their list of services. 

Switching from conventional doctor visits and entering into the virtual world of health care can be confusing, so we’ve gathered the following information about telehealth services to help you feel comfortable and confident using this lifechanging resource.

What is telehealth?

Telehealth means that you’re able to send messages or make video calls with Dr. Lopez instead of driving to our office. However, you still receive the same level of expert care as you would in person. In fact, approximately 75% of all visits to doctors’ offices, urgent care clinics, and emergency rooms can be conducted virtually through telehealth services safely and effectively, according to the American Medical Association and Wellness Council of America. 

When you connect with Dr. Lopez, he can discuss your symptoms with you, prescribe medication, and even provide long-term care and monitoring — all without you having to step foot outside your front door. 

When are telehealth services beneficial?

There are many situations when using our telehealth services is better than coming into our office. For example, if you live in a rural area and driving to our office is inconvenient — or impossible, such as in an emergency — telehealth services are a great tool to use. 

You might also be in a situation where you are extremely contagious or feeling extreme pain. Using telehealth services will allow you to discuss your symptoms with a medical professional and get treatment without making yourself uncomfortable. 

If you’re an older patient and making regular trips to and from our office is a difficult task, we encourage you to invest in telehealth services so we can care for you from afar. Dr. Lopez can address new problems and monitor chronic conditions while you stay safe at home. 

Telehealth services are also a great option in times of crisis. Events like pandemics and natural disasters can all make getting to the doctor difficult or even impossible. We encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful resource so your health care isn’t interrupted. 

Don’t let distance or other circumstances keep you from getting the care you need. If you’re ready to get set up with our telehealth services, call our office or request an appointment online today.

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